Ceiling Design

March 13, 2021 2 min read

Ceiling Design - Regal Paint Centers

Painting Ceilings

How can color impact a ceiling in a room & the overall look of the room itself? 

  • When it comes to painting and decorating, the ceiling is often overlooked. While there are many benefits of defaulting to a classic white, it can also serve as a great opportunity to add excitement and charm. An unexpected color on the ceiling enhances the room’s character by adding dimension in the most refreshing way.

What are Ideas for different colors to use? What are design tricks with paint for making the ceiling seem higher? 
  • There are many ways to incorporate different colors on your ceiling. A subtle way to introduce the color the ceiling is to choose a lighter or a darker version of the wall color. Both methods bring dimension without breaking the unity of existing colors. 
  • Having a lighter color above your eye level creates an airy effect and can visually raise the ceiling. This is a great way to make the room look larger and taller, especially in small rooms. In contrast, darker ceiling instantly creates mood. It can either feel intimate/cozy or make it look endless depending on the depth of the color. Consider painting it with a higher sheen such as semi-gloss or high-gloss to maximize the dramatic effect. Make sure your ceiling surface is well polished before painting it with higher gloss. Higher sheen levels have a tendency to bounce off more light, revealing imperfection of the surface. 
  • Be creative and pull your favorite Benjamin Moore color from the room. If there’s an accent color from the rug or an artwork that you absolutely love, why not repeat it above? These unexpected ceiling color is a fun way to create one-of-a-kind focal point. Careful not to over-accessorize the room. Create a well-balanced room with simplified styling and softer colors at your eye level to allow to keep the focus on the ceiling. 

ceiling design regal paint centers

      Painting Trims

      What about detailing options?

      • Architectural details such as tray ceiling, exposed beams and coffered ceiling naturally calls for attention. Treat your ceiling like an artwork by painting the trim or soffit with a contrasting color. It’s a great way to celebrate and enhance these design features. Or create your own artwork! Adding a graphic pattern is a great way to bring in a dose of energy to a plain ceiling. 

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