Aura Color Stories

March 16, 2021 2 min read

Aura Color Stories Regal Paint Centers

With its accentuated response to light and multi-pigment formulation, Aura® Color Stories® is truly unique. 

Fortified by way of Aura–a premium paint synonymous with unsurpassed surface smoothness and rich, true color–this color collection offers a wide range of hues, from saturated and bold to soft pales and neutrals.


A Heightened Color Aesthetic 

Each of the 240 colors of Aura Color Stories is influenced by the light in a room, highlighting subtle undertones and color characteristics. 

This intriguing collection’s precise color formulation includes: 

  • The omission of black or gray colorants, resulting in a more nuanced approach to color creation 
  • A multi-pigment formula–traditional methods use 2-3 pigments; Aura Color Stories elevates color with a blend of approximately 5-7 pigments in each color 
  • Exclusive availability in Aura, one of Benjamin Moore’s most premium brands 

 Aura Color Stories Regal Paint Centers


An Evocative Storyteller 

Every Aura Color Stories color tells a unique tale that evokes emotion and feeling through color. Intuition CSP-610, seen here, inspires with its own story: A soft infusion of blue that feels just right, like a bird’s egg or a spring wildflower. 

Aura Color Stories is a collection for the color curious; it’s for those who appreciate the subjectivity of color, and all the nuances and variations therein. 


Rich Color That Stays True Over Time 

Aura’s proprietary Color Lock® technology enhances Aura Color Stories further: With its ability to microscopically bond color pigments to dry paint film, color doesn’t fade, even after repeated washing. Other premium quality performance attributes of Aura Interior paint include... 

  • Brilliant, everlasting color 
  • Rich, thick paint that provides a beautiful, smooth finish 
  • Extreme hide to cover dark colors and imperfections 
  • Zero VOC* 

*Zero VOC according to EPA Method 24. 


Pretty Meets Practical 

Aura Color Stories, available in Aura Interior paints, pushes boundaries when it comes to defining color. But it also delivers everyday practicality too. 

Many people mistakenly think that a higher sheen level–like satin–is the only solution for dealing with humidity in bathrooms. 

Good news for the busiest rooms in your home: You can access the unique, nuanced color of Aura Color Stories in a luxurious matte finish with Aura Bath & Spa paint. From repelling moisture to maintaining color integrity, this pairing delivers both style and substance to bathrooms.