Bring the Outdoors in With Nature-Inspired Elements

March 13, 2021 1 min read

terra cotta bring the outdoors regal paint centers

Minimalistic features evoke nature and add a dash of comfort, warmth and texture into your home, while creating a calming ambience for guests to enjoy. Create a relaxing and zen home oasis by bringing touches of the outdoors in. 

Sharon Grech, color and design expert for Benjamin Moore, shares some of her favorite tips for adding nature-inspired décor to your living space. 

Natural materials.

Focus on the raw beauty of organic materials by playing with different combinations of texture and wood finishes. Start by incorporating artisan-crafted furniture and accents made with natural materials to instantly add an earthy feel. Rattan and wicker chairs or stools and sisal rugs incorporate a tactile element and pair nicely with earthy décor accents, such as clay, terracotta and global-inspired fabrics. 

Bring the outdoors Regal Paint Centers

Enhance with light.

Bring the outdoor warmth inside by choosing colors with pale and mid-tone hues of green, yellow and blue. “These colors work best to complement a botanical-inspired story inside your home,” said Grech. Opt for colorful neutrals such as Fernwood Green 2145-40, Crystalline AF-485 or Soleil AF-330. Finish also has an impact on both the light in your space and the color itself, so she recommends using an eggshellor matte finish for your wall.


Botanical trend.

We often forget about the beauty of plants. A simple way to transport nature inside is to add live plants or fresh flowers. Not only will this improve your mood and air quality, but your space will also feel more serene. Try combining printed cushions with wall art and prints in your favorite floral patterns.

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